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Chelmstone Wall Capping

LiteCon Eco Slabs are Chelmstone's range of innovative and lightweight composite concrete. 

Ideal For: 

  • Air Conditioning Bases 

  • Pool Pumps & Filters 

  • Irrigation Pumps 

  • Gas Bottles

  • Hot Water Systems

  • Generators 

  • Podium & Balcony Paving

LiteCon Eco Slabs are non-aerated concrete slabs that provide the strength of standard concrete at half the weight. Using synthetic reinforcing bar LiteCon slabs have excellent impact resistance and flexural strength. 

With 25 years manufacturing experience, our Eco Slabs are made with the highest standard of quality control. LiteCon Slabs are designed to meet Plumbing Code AS/NZ3500.4. Australian owned and manufactured LiteCon Eco Slabs are made from 75% recycled waste material, making the slabs environmentally sustainable. 

Made Using 75% Recycled Waste Materials


400 x 400 x 40mm

450 x 450 x 50mm

600 x 600 x 40mm 

600 x 600 x 50mm

600 x 300 x 40mm

900 x 450 x 40mm

900 x 450 x 50mm


450 x 450 x 50mm

600 x 600 x 50mm

750 x 750 x 55mm

900 x 450 x 50mm

Technical Drawings

Flat Eco Slabs

Ridged Eco Slabs

*Please note these dimensions are of our most popular sizes, the dimensions listed above are also available