Chelmstone’s cautional and directional concrete tactile pavers are fibre reinforced, ensuring strength and durability, available in a range of colours and sizes.


Widely used by local council & transport bodies, our cautional and directional TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicator) pavers are robust and hard wearing.

Our durable concrete tactiles have a compressive strength of 48 mpa. Made from wet-cast high strength concrete mix, they are non-slip as tested to Australian and New Zealand standards. Our Voodoo tactiles are the preferred tactile pavers of the Brisbane City Council. We use CCS oxides in all of our tactile pavers as they are UV resistant and of superior quality. Chelmstone tactile pavers can be manufactured in any CCS colour.

See our standard colours below.


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Luminance is a measure of brightness at a particular light-reflecting point on a surface. Luminance for hazard indicators must be in accordance with the Australian Standards for access and mobility, AS 1428.1. Using coloured concrete, such as in our TGSI pavers can assist in improving luminance factors.

Utilising patented Fibre Reinforcing Technology, supplied to Chelmstone, Fibre Reinforced paving offers increased resistance to failure from impact and overloading. Longer-term performance, with significantly reduced maintenance and reinstatement costs are the immediate benefits of using Chelmstone’s fibre reinforced tactile pavers. The long term aesthetic of the paved areas are maintained, with no significant cracking or spalling, even after failure of individual units has actually occurred. Pavement design, construction and installation are exactly the same as for non-reinforced paving units, imposing no additional handling or construction costs. Fibre reinforced tactile paving addresses the failure of non-reinforced units exposed to occasional vehicular overrun. Broken, twisted and uneven pavers that can cause potential danger of trip hazards to pedestrians are dramatically reduced, leading to a safer, more pleasing and fully functional paved area for all users.

Precast concrete pavers are generally used outdoors for new projects.
If it is likely that vehicular traffic will be in contact with the tactiles, high strength precast concrete pavers are a robust solution. Chelmstone’s precast concrete tactiles are reinforced with Strux 90/40 to reduce cracking under heavy cars and trucks.

Architectural preferences and cost will be factors in deciding between precast concrete and stainless steel stud systems. Quality and installation integrity of the tactile paver must also be taken into consideration.

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